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the rock officeBe sure to check out a review of The Valley EP from our friend Bill at His site was voted this year to be the Best Music Blog, Best Podcast and Best Writer in Cleveland Scene Magazine (Cleveland, OH) so this is quite an honor!

Here’s an excerpt: Seth Paul Macchi’s debut release The Valley EP is a uniquely and carefully crafted take on modern midwestern Rock and Roll…

You can check out the full review here

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Top 5 Songs IN THE UNIVERSE!!! (for today)

I feel like the stages of my life are cemented in my mind with songs that meant something to me at the time. Kind of like a soundtrack to a movie. I know that’s not an original idea and I bet most people are like that. On that note, here are the top 5 songs in my universe right now…keep in mind that this list changes almost daily. haha!

1. The Prodigal Son Suite – Keith GreenTop 5 01 Keith Green

This song is deep in the recesses of my memory as a child. I love the message of it but the performance is fantastic. I heard that when he played this for the first time in a club with a piano everyone was glued to him. Would’ve loved to have been there.

Top 5 02 Michael K2. Tell Me a Tale – Michael Kiwanuka

Just watch this video. Holy goodness! That band is magic



Top 5 03 Matthew P3. O Theo – Matthew Perryman Jones

This song is about VanGogh’s letters to his brother, Theo. So it’s gotta be good, right?


Top 5 04 Kye Kye4. Honest Affection – Kye Kye

This song was on constant repeat in my car for a while. Great tune and band.


Top 5 05 MMJ5. Golden – My Morning Jacket

What a great example of what a guy with an acoustic guitar should be doing. It’s compelling as a stripped down song meaning, if you can play it with just a guitar and voice then it must be a good song. No overproduction needed!

*Bonus 1. Go Do – Jonsi (singer for Sigur Ros from the soundtrack he wrote for We Bought A Zoo. Great road trip music)

*Bonus 2. New York City – Punch Brothers (have your mind blown)

Ok I have to stop now. I could keep going and going and going. What’s your top 5 list right now?



“Bitter Root” included in songwriter compilation from the UK

a lonely ghost burning coverBitter Root from my latest release, The Valley EP, has been included in a songwriter compilation album called “beautiful songwriting vol. 2”. The UK based group that puts together these compilations is called A Lonely Ghost Burning. All the other artists on the album are really fantastic so it’s an honor to be included. You can download the whole thing for free here! Here’s what A Lonely Ghost burning had to say about my music:

“A brooding darkness rolls through much of Seth Paul Macchi’s The Valley, a claustrophobic melancholy that remains present even when the lyrics suggest a more positive outlook; the self-torment eminently relatable and like a beacon to the listener, as a flame is to the moth.” – Jamie Downes (A Lonely Ghost Burning)

The band on The Valley EP

stage setupThere’s really no doubt that I’ve been surrounded by people who are more talented than me throughout the entire recording process of The Valley EP. And they all happen to be my friends who I have so much respect for. I thought you’d like to meet them:

Mark Mcdowell – Mark and his lovely wife Priscilla have been close friends of ours for years. they have a fantastic family and always seem to include anyone and everyone in how they do life. They’re a joy to be around. Not only is Mark one of the most fantastic drummers I’ve ever been around, he’s also a talented Lighting Designer and Audio Engineer who travels the country using these skills to kill shows and wow the masses. Check out Mark’s full time band, Death and Desire. You should buy all their music. It rocks. Mark was the first friend that really challenged me to start recording my stuff

Trevor LaChapelle – I met Trevor a while back but really didn’t get to know him until a couple years ago. I wish I’d gotten to know him sooner. Trevor is a super talented guy who not only fronts his band with Mark but can do just about anything technically including: photography, video/film, audio, lighting, etc. He’s a walking production tour de force. Trevor is the kind of friend that would do anything to help you and does. He always seems to be working on one of his friends projects or house or car (I’m telling you this guy can do anything and do it well!) He has worked tirelessly on my project and you can tell. Not only has he engineered and produced The Valley EP, but he also added some key playing for good measure. He’s the man!

Joe Neria – Joe’s a monster bass player. There’s just no way around it. From a young age he started playing on the road with some heavy players that pushed him to get better and he kept up! Joe’s always been super supportive of my music and was a big reason that I began to record The Valley EP. Joe and his wonderful wife Sara are fantastic people and you’d love them if you knew them too…

Wes Burrow – I’ve known Wes the longest out of all these guys. We worked together but he was always working on how to perfect his drum sound listening to just about every genre of music and trying to figure out what each drummer was doing to get “that sound”. Wes agreed to come in and play on one song Bitter Root and I’m glad he did. Wes plays in his own band and with others around town. I think he’s great and scored big when he got his wife, Hana, to marry him. If you live in KC you should get to know him.

Wanna meet these guys in real life? Come see them at my next show!

Indie Duplication and Distribution: how I’m selling it

digital distributionI know almost everyone downloads albums these days but there are still those that like to hold a CD in their hands and marvel at its glory. And what about your little table at the back of the room at your gigs? Gotta sell something there, right?

There really is something to be said for the path of least resistance. I went with the easiest option for duplication with Disc Makers. They’ve been around forever and not only offer fairly reasonable pricing on CDs but for a little more they’ll place your album in a bunch of digital stores such as iTunes and Amazon. All digital sales reporting throughout all of these stores comes back to you in a dashboard so you can follow along and sales are dropped into your Paypal account. Easy.

Disc Makers has lots of options for your next 3 disc mega ultra greatest hits album
Disc Makers has lots of options for your next 3 disc mega ultra greatest hits live album

I think you can find CD duplication cheaper on the interwebs but the user interface is fantastic and the digital distribution option is so easy.

But while having your CD and MP3s available everywhere is awesome, you have to share a bit more of your profits for the privilege to do so. Meaning, If you sell your physical CD on CD Baby (Disc Makers partner that sells your physical CD) they take quite a chunk. They actually warehouse some of your CDs and ship to your fans but that’s only useful if you’re selling thousands and thousands of CDs. And, like many indie artists, I’m still in more of the “one at a time” phase of album sales. So I can handle the shipping duties. Plus, who doesn’t love to wait in line at their local post office?!

Because of this, I went looking for a way for me to sell MP3s and physical CDs myself to all of my ‘self-generated’ traffic. Let my fans just buy off of my website and I’ll take care of shipping, customer service, etc. Enter Bandcamp.

My custom store on Bandcamp
My custom store on Bandcamp

Bandcamp allows me to create a custom web store where I can manage my own CD and MP3 sales. Their interface helps me set my own prices, keep up with shipping, follow sales stats and create streaming tracks (so I can link or embed in other places). But maybe the best thing about Bandcamp is that they take a fair (read much smaller) portion of my album sales. This is very cool and makes it feel more like I’m an indie artist in control of my content as opposed to a tool used by a corporation to make more money for the aforementioned corporation (Spotify, I’m looking at you).

That’s essentially how I’ve set up my distribution. You get the street cred of being on iTunes and stuff while being able to keep more of the profits at your own store. Plus, I like being able to see CDs actually leaving my house. That’s so cool. Kind of like watching your little children go out into the big bright world one at a time. Single tear.