The band on The Valley EP

stage setupThere’s really no doubt that I’ve been surrounded by people who are more talented than me throughout the entire recording process of The Valley EP. And they all happen to be my friends who I have so much respect for. I thought you’d like to meet them:

Mark Mcdowell – Mark and his lovely wife Priscilla have been close friends of ours for years. they have a fantastic family and always seem to include anyone and everyone in how they do life. They’re a joy to be around. Not only is Mark one of the most fantastic drummers I’ve ever been around, he’s also a talented Lighting Designer and Audio Engineer who travels the country using these skills to kill shows and wow the masses. Check out Mark’s full time band, Death and Desire. You should buy all their music. It rocks. Mark was the first friend that really challenged me to start recording my stuff

Trevor LaChapelle – I met Trevor a while back but really didn’t get to know him until a couple years ago. I wish I’d gotten to know him sooner. Trevor is a super talented guy who not only fronts his band with Mark but can do just about anything technically including: photography, video/film, audio, lighting, etc. He’s a walking production tour de force. Trevor is the kind of friend that would do anything to help you and does. He always seems to be working on one of his friends projects or house or car (I’m telling you this guy can do anything and do it well!) He has worked tirelessly on my project and you can tell. Not only has he engineered and produced The Valley EP, but he also added some key playing for good measure. He’s the man!

Joe Neria – Joe’s a monster bass player. There’s just no way around it. From a young age he started playing on the road with some heavy players that pushed him to get better and he kept up! Joe’s always been super supportive of my music and was a big reason that I began to record The Valley EP. Joe and his wonderful wife Sara are fantastic people and you’d love them if you knew them too…

Wes Burrow – I’ve known Wes the longest out of all these guys. We worked together but he was always working on how to perfect his drum sound listening to just about every genre of music and trying to figure out what each drummer was doing to get “that sound”. Wes agreed to come in and play on one song Bitter Root and I’m glad he did. Wes plays in his own band and with others around town. I think he’s great and scored big when he got his wife, Hana, to marry him. If you live in KC you should get to know him.

Wanna meet these guys in real life? Come see them at my next show!

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