slideAs a kid, Seth started playing guitar after his dad showed him to play G, C and D. He says “I started singing to go with the guitar and kept strumming the guitar so I’d have something to sing with”. Slowly songwriting became a way of relating to life.

The road to music hasn’t been a straight path as Seth has worked many different jobs including: fireworks store salesman, factory worker, warehouse employee, stagehand, recording engineer, live sound guy and real estate investor to name a few. But through the years it always comes back to that guitar and songwriting.

“The last several years have had their own set of unique challenges and pain as well as joy and blessing. I’ve experienced great loss and huge gain. Songwriting has become a lifesaver for me to help wrap my brain around life”, says Seth. “My latest recording, The Valley, reflects on those experiences. Life comes at you whether you want it to or not. It’s how you let these things affect you that’s important. It’s what makes you who you are.”

Seth is currently the worship leader at Metro Christian Fellowship in Kansas City and lives with his best friend, Sarah and their 4 kids.


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