Top 5 Songs IN THE UNIVERSE!!! (for today)

I feel like the stages of my life are cemented in my mind with songs that meant something to me at the time. Kind of like a soundtrack to a movie. I know that’s not an original idea and I bet most people are like that. On that note, here are the top 5 songs in my universe right now…keep in mind that this list changes almost daily. haha!

1. The Prodigal Son Suite – Keith GreenTop 5 01 Keith Green

This song is deep in the recesses of my memory as a child. I love the message of it but the performance is fantastic. I heard that when he played this for the first time in a club with a piano everyone was glued to him. Would’ve loved to have been there.

Top 5 02 Michael K2. Tell Me a Tale – Michael Kiwanuka

Just watch this video. Holy goodness! That band is magic



Top 5 03 Matthew P3. O Theo – Matthew Perryman Jones

This song is about VanGogh’s letters to his brother, Theo. So it’s gotta be good, right?


Top 5 04 Kye Kye4. Honest Affection – Kye Kye

This song was on constant repeat in my car for a while. Great tune and band.


Top 5 05 MMJ5. Golden – My Morning Jacket

What a great example of what a guy with an acoustic guitar should be doing. It’s compelling as a stripped down song meaning, if you can play it with just a guitar and voice then it must be a good song. No overproduction needed!

*Bonus 1. Go Do – Jonsi (singer for Sigur Ros from the soundtrack he wrote for We Bought A Zoo. Great road trip music)

*Bonus 2. New York City – Punch Brothers (have your mind blown)

Ok I have to stop now. I could keep going and going and going. What’s your top 5 list right now?