If you’re press, venues, or other troublemakers and need more info about me and my music you can download my Electronic Press Kit here.

Recent reviews:

“Seth Paul Macchi is bringing his talent and somewhat quirky sense of humor to the music scene.  Seth’s EP, The Valley, is a beautiful album, with acoustic guitar-driven songs set off by smooth, reverbed vocals…” -Terah Tucker (Sounding the Light) full podcast here

“Seth Paul Macchi’s debut release The Valley EP is a uniquely and carefully crafted take on modern midwestern Rock and Roll…” – Bill Smith (

“…the majority of The Valley is a firm testament to his ability, along the lines of artists like Ben Howard in terms of ambition. There’s a rockier aspect to Macchi’s music which really suits its darker nature, matching pensive and reflective lyrics and vocals, and for the most part Macchi is searching for a light in the fog of the cover art, and The Valley takes a listener on the journey with him.” – Craig Barker (

“A brooding darkness rolls through much of Seth Paul Macchi’s The Valley, a claustrophobic melancholy that remains present even when the lyrics suggest a more positive outlook; the self-torment eminently relatable and like a beacon to the listener, as a flame is to the moth.” – Jamie Downes (A Lonely Ghost Burning)


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